I have experienced the most wonderful people in this program. I have met and shared with two different counselors here that have taught me so much about who I am, and helped guide me in my recovery process. I have learned to value myself as well as my life. I look forward to coming here because it’s a safe place that I can say how I feel and know that no one will judge me. I am still learning and growing. — CH

RI has helped me in many ways. It made me get honest, stay clean, and opened me up. — CL

If I didn’t have Recovery Innovations, I would be lost in my addiction. This program brings stability into my life and helps me be the best person I know that I am.
— JR

Recovery Innovations has changed my life. If it wasn’t for RI I don’t know where I would be. — CB

I am very appreciative of the many different ways that RI tries their very best to make all of the participants as comfortable as possible while going through the recovery phase of life. The counselors are very resourceful and have an infinite amount of knowledge on recovery. I have been to other places where I have received recovery-based counseling and RI has them beat in every aspect. I am happy to come and I leave feeling prepared to handle my recovery.
— CN

Recovery Innovations is a great place to be if you are suffering with an addiction. I have seen a positive change in my overall character and behavior. The staff doesn’t just help with addiction, they also help with any problems you may encounter as long as you are open and honest. Overall, I recommend this treatment facility to anyone who truly wants to change their old ways. — KA

RI is a place that is for people who have drug problems and want help; it is also for those who have been sent through the courts. Personally, I have found RI to be quite helpful in other avenues of life in addition to drug counseling. I think you can really find yourself and really see the kind of person you are through this program. All of the staff is understanding and sincere. Although it may seem intimidating in the beginning, in the end you’ll find that RI is a positive step in your recovery … whether attending voluntarily or through the court. An added bonus is that transportation will be provided if you need it!
— KF

Although I was mandated to be at RI, I do have to say that it is a great treatment center. I was at another facility and felt like I failed because they were not as professional as RI. The counselors are very knowledgeable and understanding. I feel they truly care about their clients. I would strongly recommend RI to anyone seeking treatment. — DP

Recovery Innovations is an excellent program. They focus on your individual problems related to addiction, and give you options with how to overcome problems or personal issues. The atmosphere is friendly while challenging your beliefs. I have benefitted greatly from being here, and would recommend them to anyone. — LS

I’ve been coming to RI on and off for three years. When I first came I wasn’t serious about doing the right thing. This time around I’m in a position to be serious about doing the right thing. My individual sessions are probably my favorite times because my counselor is down to earth with no nonsense. I manipulate whenever I can and he sees right through me which makes it easy to become honest because I can’t lie to him. He truly is an inspiration to just converse with every week. — JB

Recovery Innovations has laid a solid foundation for my newfound recovery, for it forces me to look at myself honestly. I am grateful for the women in my group and their honest sharing because it allows me to get honest without having feelings of indifference or inferiority. RI is a place that I can unleash all my stressors, insecurities, and happy experiences in complete confidence. I appreciate the individual treatment, the concern, and the level of support and ongoing encouragement that is given to me. — KC

My experience at RI has been of authentic nature, after I have a counselor who I’ve created a beautiful relationship of trust and faith with. She has helped me be realistic, open, and honest while growing within. Her devotion and spirit for life in general and unwavering positivity toward recovery is inspirational. — AD

The things I have experienced at RI have been life changing. This is the first outpatient program I have gone to, and I don’t mind taking time out of my day / week to attend. I have found an amazing counselor I do not mind opening up to along with a group of inspirational women. I love how everything isn’t always recovery specific, but how they actually care about what’s going on in your everyday life. I can honestly say that even though RI might be a longer outpatient program, I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else. I actually feel like I am somewhere I belong. — SS

At first, I was upset about the time this would take out of my schedule but after a few months I realized the lessons I had learned were well worth the time. The staff can be intimidating at first, but if you open up and be honest you’ll develop a good relationship and will be understood. Even if you don’t believe you need treatment, there is always something to take out of the sessions.
— TM