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Helping Individuals Lead Productive Lives

Philosophically, we believe that mental health and substance use disorders affect people of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and family circumstances. These disorders can dramatically affect one’s personal and professional relationships, and one’s outlook on life. As such, all facets of these problems need to be addressed in a holistic manner to effectuate change. We don’t just treat substance abuse at Recovery Innovations; in fact, more times than not substance abuse is a symptom of a deeper issue that can only be effectively managed with repeated, clinically-driven, evidenced-based interventions.


Initial Assessment:

Quality care, be it medical or behavioral health, always begins with a thorough assessment. Your first contact with our agency will be an Initial Assessment when a specially trained therapist will be gathering information about your childhood, family relationships, drug and alcohol use history, educational achievements and goals, employment history, possible legal issues, medical history, and mental health concerns. This information will then be viewed collectively, and a treatment plan which effectively addresses each stressor will be formulated.


Our mission has remained unchanged since incorporation as a private, non-profit treatment provider in 2004. That is, we strive to provide superior quality rehabilitative substance abuse, mental health, and other compulsive behavior treatment in a timely, comprehensive, and empathetic manner. Treatment will always be carried out in a clinically-sound environment with the utmost professionalism and respect for one’s confidentiality and dignity. We accept that a “one size fits all” approach to substance abuse treatment is counter-intuitive, and we do the best we can to forge a mutually agreeable, individualized plan of treatment with all of our clients.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

The only difference between an Initial Assessment and a Substance Abuse Evaluation is that the latter involves a formal, typed report.  This service is typically requested by attorneys and the formal evaluation is presented to the Judge / Prosecutor at the time of sentencing.

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Individual Therapy

This is where you will be meeting one-on-one with one of our treatment professionals.  The initial goal of individual therapy is to become comfortable talking honestly about yourself — including your strengths which we will build on, and your struggles which we hope to isolate and limit.  Studies have repeatedly shown that the type of therapy provided (i.e., cognitive behavioral, psychoanalysis, rational emotive) is less important than the quality of the relationship that you have with your therapist.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is very common in the treatment of substance use and mental health disorders.  At Recovery Innovations, we offer several different types of groups including process, didactic, and gender-specific groups.  Being part of a group with others that have shared experiences helps to show that you are not alone and should lead to the instillation of hope.  In this setting you get to practice skills such as being responsive to others, learning interpersonally, and the development of healthy socialization techniques.

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Family Therapy

It is important to accept that no one experiences life in a bubble.  This is one of the reasons that we offer Family therapy where we help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts that often surround substance use.  This part of one’s treatment plan is often short-term, and may include all family members or just those most able / willing to participate.  Your specific treatment plan will depend on your family’s situation.


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Traditional Outpatient

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) defines this level of care as anything less than 9 hours per week.  In our facility, this type of treatment can consist of individual, group, family, and/or couple / marital therapy.  It is rare when only one of these services is indicated, and most clients find it most helpful when they attend a variety of these types of sessions.


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Intensive Outpatient

“IOP” is defined as a combination of treatment services which entails between 9 – 19 hours of clinical contact each week.  Again, a variety of session types are utilized (i.e., individual, family, group, didactic) and each client’s treatment plan in our IOP ends up looking a little bit different.

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Partial Care

 Partial Care services are provided when more than 20 hours of clinical services are provided each week.  Many varieties of treatment interventions may be used in this level of care.

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Psychiatric Services

Recovery Innovations, Inc. offers psychiatric services to those clients admitted into one of our substance abuse treatment programs.  Psychiatric care is by appointment only, and typically consists of an initial evaluation followed by monthly Medication Monitoring visits.  Our Psychiatrist’s goal is to manage troublesome symptoms of one’s mental health condition through the use of psychotropic medication; our clinical staff (Social Workers, Professional Counselors, etc.) are responsible for providing the therapy which is adjunctive to psychiatric care.

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Drug Testing

As a licensed substance abuse treatment facility, drug testing is obviously a critical part of what we do.  This is one of the few tangible tools we have to measure the effectiveness of treatment, and consenting to drug testing is expected during one’s treatment course.  We utilize a number of testing methods to include urine testing, breathalyzers, saliva samples, and hair testing.  Each testing method has it benefits and limitations, and it is not uncommon for a variety of methods to be utilized during one’s episode of care.

Our facility is open six days each week, and evening hours are generally available.